Our Mission

We are focused on sustainability, materials science, and innovations in contemporary home textiles, essentials, and interiors in residential and retail spaces. We’re about progressive design focusing on developing new products and spaces through materials science. We focus on developing products with recycled, alternative, and natural materials. We aim to develop products that uplift our communities and minimize negative environmental impact. 


We're living in a world that is deeply unrested. That's not a good thing. The return on investment of good sleep is incalculable. Even if you're stuck with less sleep than you'd like, there are ways to boost quality if not quantity. One of those ways is to invest in a set of high-quality bedding.

Pleasantly soft and light and airy

You need the type of bedding that promotes better sleep.It should be soft and breathable, but durable and without the use of harmful chemicals.


We aim to develop systems that enhance our communities' product safety and minimize negative environmental impact. We strive for a creative work environment, by visiting trade shows, and networking meetings to keep current with technological advancements

Ethical Trade

We only partner with manufacturers that uphold ethical standards. Our mission is to uplift the workers behind our products by ensuring a safe, healthy, and equitable working environment throughout our supply chain. Too often, workers are mistreated and subject to terrible working conditions.

Excellent Quality

We're not the ones to chase trends. We believe in progressive design. We prioritize using natural and organic textiles but use synthetic materials with a longevity or performance advantage. We invest in alternative fabrics to ensure we're reducing our

100% Organic Cotton

Our bed linen is made from the best organic cotton fibers. We use materials that guarantee the perfect balance between softness and breathability and are exceptionally durable.